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Sound healing is a holistic form of health care, which utilizes the advantages of a person's unique hearing capacity to help alleviate physical, emotional and mental stress and improve quality of life. Sound healing is often utilized to help individuals overcome issues that are part of the medical realm known as tinnitus, or loss of hearing. Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of sound. For example, if a person suffers from a condition called carotid artery disease and suffers from low blood pressure, they may hear a pulsing sound in either ear. This is tinnitus, and while it is not life threatening in most cases, it can be very maddening.
Sound healers use specialized tools to help treat these conditions. The use of sound healing training helps to train sound healers in the proper placement of these instruments in order to maximize their therapeutic effect. These instruments include audiological machines and amplifiers that generate sound within the patient's home or office. Patients are then encouraged to relax in the presence of these sound instruments and take long deep breaths, simulating a hot bath or a calm shower. The trained sound healer will then work on the individual's body by using the appropriate tools in the right order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. You can read more on the benefits of sound therapy  at;
These sound healing training courses also give students the knowledge and training necessary to administer these techniques while assisting patients with the required relaxation and deep breathing techniques. Sound vibrations are used to help reduce pain and to promote a sense of well-being. The courses teach students how to recognize the symptoms of certain diseases, the frequency and strength of sound waves, and how to use these sounds to effectively treat the individual. The sound healing training courses also train students in the use of sound generators, sound boards, and sound barriers to help the individual cope with certain conditions.
In the United States, there are many professional sound healers who have gone through these trainings and are now leading qualified practitioners of this art. There are also schools and colleges who offer these trainings in the form of  sound healing certificate programs. In other countries, training may be available in different formats including audio or video format. The best way to be assured of quality training is to join us and become a member of our sound healing training network.
Our network has been carefully chosen to represent the largest number of schools and colleges offering sound healing training in the United States. The quality and depth of our education are unmatched. We have extensive courses on body mechanics, anatomy and physiology, energy body healing, crystals, yoga and relaxation. With these courses, you'll learn how to use sound healing instruments like bowls, plates, sound boxes, bowls with bells and whistles, and vibration plates to increase the energy flow to the skin. You'll also learn in-depth about energy medicine methods and how to apply them on your clients.
A beginner level sound therapist will also get an introductory course on energy medicine. After this introductory course, the sound therapist will be able to choose the types of sound healing treatment he/she wants to perform. You can either sign up for a six hours on-demand video course or a one or two week intensive course, depending on your schedule and preferences. When you are ready to apply sound healing treatment on your clients, you can simply contact us and we'll send an experienced sound therapist to your home to perform the treatment on your clients.You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:
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